Future Aspirations

    Today team 5 had special guests that used to come to pt england and they visited us to talk about what we want to be in the future. Our guests’ names were Tyron Tangatamakiri, Haare Kutia, Tanielu tele’a, Shaniah Mccarry, Tia peletia and David clark.


 Tyron Tangata-Makiri is the key speaker, meaning he was introducing himself and what he does for his job and why he started his business. He showed us photos of him, his family, work friends, and his old house in Glen innes. 1 thing that i liked what Tyron said to us was that It’s better to be an alien than a sheep. And he explained that the sheep means it is a follower and it follows the crowd and the alien is lonely it means to not be a follower and concentrate on yourself. 


Haare Kutia said 1 thing that was good: She said your past doesn’t define your future. Meaning whatever happened in the past doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect your future.


Tanielu Tele’a said Never give up meaning if you struggle with something and you keep failing every time keep going and going until you make it. 


Shaniah Mccarry and Tia Peletia said don’t let anything stop you, meaning if you do something you want and someone tells you that you can’t do it ignore them and keep going and do not listen to all the hate that people say about you. 


David Clarke said surround yourself with good people meaning to not hang around with bad people that do bad stuff and hang around with good people so that when you have good friends you can make good choices.  


I am so happy that these special guests came because they were so helpful and their words were so meaningful to me. Hopefully they come again next year and So i can remember these amazing quotes that they said until I grow older and older. 🙂


One thought on “Future Aspirations

  1. Kia ora Khalia,
    That is awesome advice, especially agree with David’s recommendation about surrounding yourself with good people. I feel very grateful to still have friends I went to school and university with today… and that’s long time! People that have both supported and encouraged me to be my best.

    I wanted to thank you too for contributing to the promo video for the Summer Learning Journey website. You can see it here. Awesome team work!
    We are excited to be able share the video when we visit schools next month to promote the Summer Learning Journey and the teaser activities on the blog before the launch on December 12th.

    ngā mihi,
    Mrs Grant

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